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Changing the  way Firefighting tactics are being taught across the planet, whilst paying homage to innovators, peers and front-line staff their 150 years of contribution. 
Author of "Fire Dynamics for Firefighters", and joint author with Australian Firefighting legend Shan Raffel of the books "Reading Fire" & "Fighting Fire", Walker & Raffel re-defined the knowledge & principles that every Firefighter should possess to keep themselves, their crew and their public safe using a strategy of "Fi-Sci". 
"Fi-Sci"- "Firefighting tactics based upon scientific insight & engineering principles" (Walker, 2018)
Establishing knowledge of building, construction, engineering, science, thermodynamics, thermography, decision making, pedagogical strategy alongside the world's top subject matter experts in this area. Aus-Rescue Pty offer the world's only IFE Recognised Training Program  for International Compartment Fire Behaviour Instructors, underpinned by a series of textbooks, online learning program, Youtube channel and cumulative 55+years of operational and training experience as commanding officers and training leaders worldwide. 
"Ben Walker, quite simply, is the very best Firefighting Instructor the UK Fire Services has ever had to offer"   
-Chief Fire Officer Bobby Halton, Education Director PennWell Inc