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Ben and his team believe that the discharge of all activities related to the Fire & Rescue Service operations, training, advice and financial accountability should be delivered in an efficient, effective and transparent manner with a focus placed upon the safety of both Firefighters and the communities that they protect and serve.

We will always strive to make the most up to date, relevant and scientifically sound information and techniques available to those we train, serve with or represent. This will be done without consideration for any personal gain, prestige or recognition.

We do this knowing fully that our findings, research and ethics may, occasionally, bring us into conflict with certain organisations or individuals within them. It is not our intention to upset or embarrass, merely to advance our profession through the provision of high quality training & information from industry experts and leading academics.

Our ethos is to uphold the Maltese Cross petals of Bravery, Loyalty, Courage and Compassion by operating in an open, forthright and honest manner at all times in all environments.

This is our statement of ethics and by extension, the guarantee of quality that you receive upon engaging us.

We provide copious free materials to Firefighters in developing nations at our own expense. If you would like to aid a Firefighter in a developing nation, please feel free to donate at the Paypal link in order to help us to continue or contact us regarding our sponsorship scheme.