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Bobby Halton- Chief Fire Officer Albuquerque, NM, Education Director PennWell, Editor- Fire Engineering Magazine:​

"Ben Walker is quite simply the best the UK Fire Services has to offer"

Neil Gibbins QFSM, FFireE- Former Chief Executive, Institution of Fire Engineers:

"Ben covers all the imperative topics Firefighters need to be fluent in, & his thought provoking use of case studies really brings the reality of the consequences home, his book adds to the tools available to Firefighters dealing with these situations on a daily basis"

Dr Paul Grimwood FFireE- Author of 3d Firefighting, Eurofirefighter 1 & 2, Fog Attack, London Fire Brigade

"Ben is a firefighter and training instructor who strives for safe but effective working practices. He demonstrates a rare passion for advancing his profession and achieves this with determination and skill through the development and delivery of training packages on a global basis. Ben’s commitment to the fire service is admirable and may, in the future, be seen as a historic benchmark for change"

Divisional Officer John Chubb MSc MIFireE- Dublin Fire Brigade, Republic of Ireland

I have known Ben Walker for many years and I can attest to his knowledge, professionalism and integrity. Benjamin has made significant contributions in advancing firefighting tactics and performance. Equally, Benjamin has established excellent International instructor forums through social media which has served to disseminate best firefighting practice and scientific development.

Major Stuart Ball MCMI GCGI British Army. HM Forces. CEO Arturius International

Ben is a professional of the highest calibre, His operational planning and project management skills are thoroughly developed, a credit to the Fire service. He has the ability to look at problems from other perspectives and combine that with his own professional knowledge to think outside of the box to come up with innovative and effective plans. Adaptable and efficient in his delivery he was able to confidently brief high level commanders and members of other services with confidence and conviction.

I would highly recommend Ben for any roles in any operational environment that requires quick thinking and efficient delivery of effect. His intelligence and adaptability makes him ideal

Joel Snape. Editor, Dennis Publishing- Men's Fitness UK

"Ben is an excellent trainer, walks the walk in terms of his own competitive experience - but perhaps more importantly, he communicates his knowledge well and in terms that anyone can understand."

GW Clapp. Former Managing Director, Ignis Global Fire & Rescue Consultants

"Ben's biggest strength remains his ability to motivate, communicate & lead through commitment & example. A true inspiration to those overcoming adversity. In the mould of Shackleton. A true leader of the highest calibre

Requested Anonymous Chief Fire Officer- UK Fire & Rescue Services

Ben Walker is a man of the utmost integrity. He has time and again chosen to do what he believes to be the ethical and correct course of action despite huge personal and professional cost to himself. At present, the UK Fire & Rescue Service stand on the brink of a major stride forward in tactical approach, and although uncredited, Ben Walker's efforts have greatly contributed to the realisation of this.