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We deliver and can arrange  courses in all aspects of Fire Rescue Service Delivery, Command, Strategy, Decision Making, Tactics and personnel development are offered. Without exception, all of these courses, on request, can be third party accredited & cross-mapped to be recognised by globally accepted bodies such as the Institution of Fire Engineers, NEBOSH, Skills for Justice, International Safety Organisation which provides insurance benefits, auditing and inspection advantages as well as providing a quantifiable standard that can be audited and interrogated nationally, as well as being accepted by Inquests, Inquiries and Investigative bodies. 

For example; there are three levels, with designated learning outcomes of the CFBT Instructor programs that we offer as part of the ONLY globally recognised training program in this subject teaches & evaluates Instructors whilst developing proficiency & expertise at conducting & supervising live fire training.

Aus-Rescue Pty Ltd provides CFBTI Level 1 and 2 which is an Institution of Fire Engineers Recognised Training Course. The program can be delivered at a number of Live Fire Training facilities in Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East. It can also be delivered at your training centre if the necessary props are available. This can lead to significant savings.

The International CFBT Instructor Level 1 is a 5 day course which is divided into 50% theory and 50% practical. The objectives are focused towards Live Fire Instructors that deliver fundamental training in understanding how fire behaves in compartments, the variables that impact the development, how to recognise fire behaviour indicators and then how to apply a range of extinguishing and ventilation  tactics techniques and tools in the safest and most efficient manner.

The Level 2 program is also 5 days and is focused on developing the skills and knowledge for instructors to safely develop live fire training scenarios in multi-compartment and multi-level props and facilities.

Key focus areas are:
Risk assessment, defining learning objectives and tactical benchmarks for each scenario and the target students, documentation, proper briefing, safe operation, emergency medical planning and response and fire ground hygiene.

·        Completion of Units 1-3 bestows the qualification of IFE International Level One CFBT Instructor

·        Completion of Units 1-4 bestows the qualification of IFE International Level Two CFBT Instructor